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Hello everyone !!!

The annual DP summer intensive is coming up and we couldn’t be more exited ! We have 3 weeks of multiple dance and fitness styles followed by the 4th week of a Latin and Ballroom intensive. Make sure to follow us Dance Passion to see updates on all the fantastic coaches we have participating in this years intensive. Be sure to book private lessons in advance as space is limited ! This year we have Agita Baranovska 

Lene James Mikkelsen  Ieva Pauksena  Andrei Gavriline and Vladimir Karpov !!! An amazing lineup !! Contact Sasha Nissengolts or Alla Nissengolts for pricing and additional information !! General camp starts from July 30. Latin/Ballroom intensive is July 20-24! Don’t miss the chance to work with the best of the best.

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